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Hello. My name is Erin Wilcox, and I'm a software developer.

In my previous life, I worked across all facets of the supply chain - from sourcing and procurement, to forecasting and inventory management, on through distribution and logistics engineering. I enjoyed figuring out new ways to deliver products better, faster, and more cost effectively. However, I quickly realized my ability to innovate depended entirely on the systems I was working with. So, I decided to make the switch.

On the front-end side of things, I have worked with React (with Redux), Vue.Js, JQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, and Jekyll. On the back-end, I have experience with PHP and Laravel, as well as C#/.NET, T-SQL, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

I'm passionate about building tools, and small business. I also love old movie theaters (I'm on the board of the amazing Kentucky Theater!), and spent a year traveling the world with my husband in our campervan named Brubus. New Orleans is my happy place, and I love a strong cup of coffee and a beignet.

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